Our fees

We offer a free, no obligation, initial meeting. This gives you an opportunity to find out more about our company and to get to know your adviser. After your initial meeting your adviser will set out how we can help you and what fees will be payable for our services. If you choose not to use our services no fees will be payable.


Our standard fees are set out on our website in order to give you an indication of the fees which might be payable for our advice.

We offer lots of different services and we have a very wide range of clients (from those with relatively simple needs to those with very complex needs). As a result we sometimes need to tailor our fees to ensure they are fair for both us and our clients. This means it is only possible to confirm the fee you will pay during or after your free initial consultation with one of our advisers.

We do not aim to be either the cheapest or the most expensive financial advice company. However, we do aim to offer offer excellent value for money, particularly given our credentials as award winning Chartered Financial Planners.

It is important to note that, unlike many financial advice companies, our advisers do not receive bonuses or commission based on the amount of fees they earn for our company. Instead our advisers receive a salary.

Value for money

What you will get for your money

  • A financial “coach” – our clients regularly ask us questions about other areas of their finances to ensure they are not making mistakes
  • Advice which covers every area of financial planning (because we can offer advice on pensions, investments, mortgages, insurances and lifetime mortgages)
  • Help with using time-sensitive tax allowances (which, once lost, are gone forever)
  • A financial plan which is tailored to you and your circumstances
  • Access to financial advisers with the highest possible qualifications in our industry
  • Independent financial advice, which is not biased to a particular product provider
  • A named financial adviser (although you can choose to see any adviser you wish)
  • Access to a team of highly experienced administrators

Can I do this myself?

If you are considering looking after your own finances (rather than paying a professional), ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know how to do this? Our advisers have sat numerous exams to gain the knowledge they need to give advice.
  • Have you done this before and has anything changed in the meantime? Rules and legislation are amended all the time. Our advisers do ongoing training to ensure they do not miss out on these important changes.
  • Do you have the tools to do this? We pay a great deal of money each month for specialist software and training which is not available to the general public.
  • What else could you do with your time? Unless you really enjoy looking after your finances, it is likely you can find better uses for your spare time.
  • Is it worth taking the risk of doing it yourself? It is very easy to get tripped up in the world of personal finance and if you do it yourself, any mistakes will ultimately rest on your shoulders.

Fees for each service

Please select the relevant link below based on the advice you require.

If you would like advice regarding planning for your future or reviewing your savings (including investing money currently held in a bank account, reviewing existing investments or reviewing an existing pension policy (excluding Defined Benefits pensions) please visit the following link:

Our fees for financial planning, investment and pension advice

If you would like advice regarding reviewing your Defined Benefits pension please visit the following link:

Our fees for defined benefits pension advice

If you would like advice regarding a mortgage (including lifetime mortgages) or insurances please visit the following link:

Our fees for mortgages and insurance advice

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