Retirement Planning

We offer advice on all stages of retirement planning, from people just starting to save for their retirement up to those choosing the best way to take their pensions benefits.

We only offer Independent advice on retirement planning, so you can be sure we have researched the whole of the intermediary marketplace to find the best products for you and your circumstances.

To read more about our retirement planning service please choose one of the sections below.

Tax planning

Pensions go hand-in-hand with tax planning. This includes the Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance, both of which restrict the amount you can save into pensions. To read more about these tax allowances please visit the relevant pages or, if you wish to book a free initial meeting with one of our advisers to discuss these topics, please visit our Contact page.

Pensions Glossary

We have created a glossary of key phrases and terminology which you may find useful.

Please visit our Pensions Glossary page.

Find out more

If you are interested in planning for your retirement or if you are ready to retire please call 01642 477758 or visit our Contact page to arrange a free initial consultation.


If you…

  • would like to start saving for your retirement
  • already have savings built up in a pension which you would like one of our advisers to review

…please visit our Pre-retirement page.



If you…

  • plan to retire in the near future and you want to make the most of your retirement savings
  • have been given an annuity quote but you want to shop around first
  • have heard the terms “Capped Drawdown”, “Flexible Drawdown” and “Annuity” but you are unsure of their implications for your retirement

…please visit our At-Retirement page.