Small and Medium Businesses

We offer advice to business owners and directors in a number of different areas. This includes advice for the business itself and advice about how your business can integrate with your personal finances.

Business Protection

Business Protection can cover a loss of profit or outstanding debts if an important person dies or becomes seriously ill. It can also cover the more personal side of a business, where the loss of one shareholder can have a negative impact on the surviving shareholders.

It is our belief that too many businesses in the UK are not protected by a suitable policy.

You can read more on our Business Protection page.

Relevant Life Plans

Relevant Life Plans are a highly tax-efficient form of life insurance, which can be paid for by an employer on behalf of an employee. The definition of “employee” includes a business paying for an employed director.

You can read more on our Relevant Life Plans page

Auto Enrolment

Under the new rules, most businesses (both big and small) will have to contribute to a pension scheme for their employees.

You can read more about your duties and the key dates on our Auto Enrolment page.

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